What To Expect

For any further information please feel free to contact us directly.

First Appointment At Hawke’s Bay Orthodontics

(30 – 45 minute appointment)

At the first appointment we ask about your main concerns regarding your teeth and bite. A full dental and orthodontic assessment is carried out. More often than not x-rays are required to ensure we have all of the information. Photographs of the teeth are often taken, together with moulds of the teeth so that models of the bite can be made. We have up-to- date equipment that ensures we receive the best diagnostic information to help us decide on the most effective treatment for each individual patient. We discuss the treatment options with you at this time and outline what would be involved.

If required we will organise a second appointment, within a few weeks and free of charge, to discuss the treatment plan in more detail and to answer any further queries you may have.

Prior to commencing treatment you will receive a written letter outlining the planned treatment, together with a copy of your photographs and x- rays.

Fitting Braces

(60 minute appointment)

There really is nothing to worry about! The teeth will be polished and the braces bonded to the teeth using a special ‘glue’. There is no drilling or injections and very little discomfort.

As each patient has individual requirements, and to ensure the best outcome, we tailor an individual prescription to suit you.

Before leaving, you will be given information on how to care for your braces, what foods to avoid and what to do if you have any problems.

Please download the Colgate oral care during orthodontic treatment booklet.


(45 minute appointment)

To begin Invisalign treatment additional moulds of your teeth will be taken, this is usually a 45 minute appointment. The moulds will be sent away to Invisalign and used to plan your treatment using a computer simulation known as a ‘ClinCheck’. Once Kirsty or Andrew have finalised the treatment plan, a 60 minute appointment will be made to fit the aligners.

Adjustment Appointments

(15 minute appointments)

These are usually scheduled every 6-8 weeks. During these visits Kirsty or Andrew will examine your teeth to check the treatment progress, and make adjustments to the appliances accordingly.

Your Wonderful New Smile

(60 minute appointment)

The moment you have been waiting for! Once the treatment is complete the appliances will be removed. In order for your wonderful new smile to last for a lifetime retainers will be fitted. These may be removable retainer plates (usually made of thin, clear plastic and worn only at nights) and/or fixed retainer wires that are bonded behind the front teeth.

You will be provided with detailed instructions on when and how to wear and to care for your retainers, as well as what to do if you have any problems with them. The retainers are crucial to maintaining your wonderful new smile.

Retention Checks

(5-15 minute appointment)

Once the treatment is complete, Kirsty and Andrew like to monitor all of their patients for a further 18 months to make sure the teeth remain in the correct place. These retention check appointments are usually scheduled at 3, 6, 12 and 18 months after the appliances have been removed.

Our experience has been a wonderful one with Kirsty and the team at Hawkes Bay Orthodontics. Emily our daughter has completed her braces treatment and has been thrilled with the outcome of her beautiful smile.  No questions are ever unanswered and we have always had wonderful reassurance and support all the way through. We would most definitely always recommend Kirsty and her fabulous team as the BEST in Hawkes Bay !!

Mary-Anne Walker-Bain and Mike Bain

A few days have passed now, and  I can't stop flashing my new smile to everyone – where I once used to be so ashamed of my teeth! Thank you for giving my confidence a boost, it was definitely worth it. I only wish I had done it earlier in life.

Claire Smith

After having seen the end result of 2 of my children have braces, and witness the profession service and care that the boys received, I decided that I would give the braces a go myself. Kirsty and her ‘ladies’ are an awesome team and I always enjoy my time there rather than dread it like the Dentist!

Debbie Morgan

Both my daughters received full sets of braces through Kirsty and her team, and both had them on a little over a year and a half each. Kirsty is such a beautiful, caring person who made both my daughters feel at ease every time, never ever made them feel they weren’t important. Kirsty’s and her team of ladies are all wonderful and very professional & excellent at what they do. I highly recommend them.

Elisha Wykes

Always professional, but more importantly very caring towards my two daughters during their treatment.

Paulette Parker